Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Yes, Yes Lemonade

You know that it's summertime when you start to see lemonade stands popping up throughout the neighborhood. Budding entrepreneurs love the thrill of making a few hard-earned dollars by supplying the neighbors with an ice-cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day! Baby John, big brother Jack and big sister Jill decide they're going to make their own lemonade stand in this video from Little Angel, and children of all ages will be inspired to do the same after watching the siblings work together.

After making their lemonade stand, complete with a lemon print umbrella and tablecloth as well as a chalkboard sign advertising their ice-cold lemonade, it's time for Baby John, Jack and Jill to head into the kitchen to make the cool drink. As they sing the lemonade making song, the three work together to squeeze the fresh lemons. After squeezing lemons to get the lemon juice, they add water and ice to make the lemonade for their lemonade stand.

Baby John decides to take a little sip of the mixture and quickly finds out just how sour lemonade, made from freshly squeezed lemons can be! Jill tells Baby John that they need to add a little bit of sugar to their lemonade to make the sour mixture sweet! Baby John runs to the cupboard to grab the sugar so they can add it to the lemon juice and water. Baby John is a little nervous to try the lemonade again since it was so sour the first time, but after Jack and Jill both give it a thumbs up, Baby John gives it a try and he likes it! Now, their lemonade is all ready for their lemonade stand.

Baby John, Jack, and Jill bring their lemonade, stackable cups, and more lemons out to their lemonade stand, and wait for their first customer. They almost forgot their money box to put the money they make from their lemonade sales in, so Jill runs off to grab it. Mommy pulls up in front of the lemonade stand in her car and is very excited to get a nice cold glass of lemonade on a hot day! Then Daddy walks up and orders his own glass as well. Baby John excitedly places the coins they earned in the money box while Mommy and Daddy enjoy their refreshing drink. Before they know it, they have even more customers enjoying their ice-cold lemonade.

Children will love to watch Baby John, Jack, and Jill as they make their own lemonade to sell at their lemonade stand. Maybe some will even want to start their own stand! The song is catchy and cute, and the colors in the video are bright and captivating, perfect for kids of all ages who love to watch Little Angel Nursery Rhymes!

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