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Having children means hitting a lot of different milestones and there's nothing more rewarding than watching your baby grow and become more independent. One of those first signs of independence comes from feeding themselves. While it can get a little messy, when a child feeds themselves they take so much pride in having control over something. Baby John is growing up and in this video, Mommy teaches him that he's ready to start using his own fork and spoon at mealtimes.

Baby John is frustrated when Mommy tries to feed him so he begins to use his hands to eat. We all know how messy that can be so Mommy is quick to show Baby John that he's big enough to use his own spoon to feed himself. Baby John is so happy that he can feed himself even if he's making a big mess.

Big brother Jack is sitting outside with Baby John and it's snack time, and on the menu is yogurt. Jack shares a yogurt with Baby John, who insists on feeding himself. Things get a bit messy with Baby John dropping some yogurt on their blanket, but Jack helps him by telling him what to do.

Baby John joins Daddy who is enjoying some broccoli and decides he wants to try some too. Baby John starts picking up the pieces of broccoli with his hands before Daddy shows him how to use a fork. Baby John is eager to try out the fork and quickly gobbles up the entire plate of broccoli.

Now it's Jill's turn to help Baby John learn how to feed himself. During snack time Jill is enjoying some sliced strawberries and bananas and Baby John wants some too. The fruit is slippery and keeps sliding off the spoon, but Baby John is hungry so he starts to use his hands. Jill helps show Baby John how to slow down and use the spoon so that the food stays on until he can get it into his mouth.

Daddy gives Baby John a piece of cake but he's so excited he can't seem to get it to stay on his fork. Once again, Daddy guides Baby John on how to slow down and properly use cutlery so he can feed himself like a big boy. By dinnertime Baby John has learned how to slow down and properly use his spoon and fork to feed himself and Mommy is so proud!

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