Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Yes Yes, Go Potty!

Finding a channel on YouTube that your children watch where they can be entertained and educated is so important for parents. Little Angels Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes is the perfect channel for kids of all ages as they get to watch Baby John, his family and his friends go on a variety of fun adventures and engage in activities that many kids can relate to. The videos aren't only fun, colorful and full of catchy songs, but they can also help parents teach their children some valuable lessons, like when it's time to go potty! That's something every parent can use a bit of help with.

Baby John is with his big brother Jack and big sister Jill when his tummy starts to feel bad. Jack and Jill seem to know what's happening and why Baby John's tummy is grumbly and encourage him to visit the potty. Naturally, going to the potty can be a bit scary for younger children, and everything in the bathroom looks so much bigger than them, and Baby John quickly runs from the bathroom to see his mommy.

Baby John shows his mommy that his tummy isn't feeling well, and she brings him back to the potty to try to encourage him to go. Mommy quickly brings a Baby John-sized potty down from on a shelf in the bathroom, and Baby John instantly begins to feel better. Mommy sits Baby John on the smaller potty so he can get used to it, and then tells him she will take his diaper off so he can make his tummy feel better. Baby John decides he's a big boy and takes his diaper off himself!

Daddy then makes an appearance in the bathroom, bringing a roll of toilet paper for Baby John. Baby John quickly grows bored sitting on his potty and wants to get up. Mommy is there to help him get changed, reassuring him they will try again soon, but before they know it Baby John has actually gone potty! Mommy is so proud of Baby John, and they flush the potty then head to the sink to wash Baby John's hands.

Everyone is so proud of Baby John as he tells them he used toilet paper and washed his hands. Soon, Baby John won't need to wear diapers at all anymore! If you have a little one struggling with potty training, this is the perfect video for them to watch!

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