Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Yes Yes Bedtime Song

For many kids, bedtime is definitely not fun! Who wants to stop playing with their toys to brush their teeth, have a bath and jump in bed? When Baby John doesn't want to get ready for bed, Mommy sings him a fun song as she gets him ready so that when it's bedtime, Baby John is happy and tired and ready to fall asleep!

First Mommy brings Baby John to brush his teeth, but Baby John doesn't want to! When Mommy shows Baby John that his toy baby likes to have his teeth brushed, Baby John agrees to brush his own teeth too. Mommy then runs Baby John a nice bubble bath, but he has no interest in it! Even when Mommy brings out a fun toy for the bath Baby John still refuses, but when his toy baby gets in the bathtub Baby John decides he wants a bath too!

Mommy then gets Baby John's pajamas out but Baby John has no desire to go to sleep, so he hides from Mommy to avoid getting dressed! Mommy knows what to do and pretends to put Baby John's dinosaur pajamas on his toy baby, which makes Baby John want to put them on himself! Baby John wears his dinosaur pajamas as he roars around the bedroom.

Now that it's bedtime, Baby John really doesn't want to go to sleep! No matter how much Mommy tells Baby John that sleep is important so that he can grow big and strong, he just doesn't want to go to sleep! Mommy tucks his baby into bed and Baby John quickly changes his mind so both he and his baby can grow up big and strong!

Not so fast, because Baby John spots his dinosaur book on the bedside table and asks Mommy to read it to him and his baby. Mommy is tired and wants Baby John to go to sleep, but he reminds her that a story will make him and his baby nice and tired and then they'll go right to sleep! Mommy agrees and settles in beside them to read a bedtime story before Baby John and his baby drift off to sleep.

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