Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Where's Baby John's Suzie

Whether you call it a binky, paci, soother, dummy or any other name, parents know just how important a pacifier can be to a baby! For many, it's the difference between a restful night's sleep or a very cranky baby. When Baby John can't find his Suzie, which is what he calls his pacifier, he's understandably upset. Before you know it Baby John and his entire family are working together to find his Suzie as they sing a familiar and catchy song your little one will love.

Baby John has left his Suzie on a table in the house where his dog, Bingo, finds it. Bingo quickly snatches up Baby John's Suzie and brings it to the back yard where he buries it like he would a bone! Baby John begins to sing a super fun nursery rhyme as he starts looking all around the house, including in drawers and under beds, to try to find his beloved Suzie.

Big sister Jill arrives and helps Baby John look for his Suzie. They begin in the kitchen, where Bingo sees them searching. He quickly moves the Suzie from one hole in the backyard to another so no one finds his buried treasure! The brother and sister open all the cupboards and look in the drawers, but they still can't find Baby John's Suzie.

Next, big brother Jack comes along to help and the three head to the playroom to look for Baby John's Suzie. The playroom is a mess, so as they look for the Suzie they also clean up the playroom. Daddy comes in and suggests they all look in the living room, where Bingo once again finds them. The little pup runs outside and moves the Suzie one more time, hoping to keep his treasure safe and sound.

Of course, the Suzie isn't in the living room, so when Mommy arrives she suggests looking in the garage. They look inside all of the boxes in the garage that are all different colors, but they soon realize the Suzie isn't in the garage. Jill has the idea to search the patio next, and the entire family heads outside. They spot all of Bingo's holes and before they know it, the pooch comes out of the dog house with Baby John's Suzie in his mouth! Everyone is happy that Baby John has found his Suzie, but he quickly finds a new toy plane to play with so he lets Bingo keep the Suzie!

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