Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Wheels On The Bus At School | Learning Arts And Crafts

Every child knows the words to the classic children's song 'Wheels on the Bus' and love to sing it as they play, but it's even more fun to sing when you're building your very own school bus! In this new Little Angel video, Baby John and his friends gather in the backyard of their preschool to make their very own cardboard school bus, all with the help of Miss Hannah.

As they sing about the wheels on the bus going round and round, their wheel rolls away from them. Miss Hannah is there to grab it and help the kids secure it to their school bus. The children then consult their plans to see what has to go on the bus next and see that their homemade windshield wipers are ready to be assembled. The kids are all mesmerized as they watch the wipers go swish, swish, swish.

Now it's time for the doors to go 'open and shut' and the children work to secure the door to the bus. Now that the wheels, wipers, and door are on the bus, it's time to get to work painting their creation! The kids get busy with their yellow paint moving their brushes up and down to transform their cardboard creation into a real-life looking bus! Next the kids 'move on back' as they add blue stripes to the side of their bus.

No school bus is complete without lights and the kids smartly use flashlights that blink, blink, blink to act as their lights. Of course, everyone has to pay their bus fare to use the bus and they drop them into a little piggy bank set up near the front. Baby John gets to drive their school bus creation, beep, beep, beeping the horn as he drives it all through the town.

Not only will your little one love to sing along with Baby John and his friends, but they might even want to try making their own school bus at home! Not only is this a great video for kids of all ages to watch but it may also spark a little bit of creativity in your child!

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