Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Wear Your Seat belt On The Airplane | Good Manners Song

Going on a family vacation can be a lot of fun, but traveling on an airplane to get there can bring a whole new level of excitement to a trip! When Mommy, Daddy, Baby John, big brother Jack and big sister Jill arrive at the airport for their family trip, the children are in awe when they catch their first glimpse of an airplane! If you or your family are planning a plane trip soon your little one will definitely want to check this video out!

While singing a familiar tune, Daddy gets the kids excited to board their airplane and get ready to fly away on their trip. As the kids sit in their seats and fasten their seat belts, Baby John is already a bit frustrated with having to sit still for so long. Mommy quickly distracts him by introducing him to the pilot, who gives Baby John his own toy plane to play with while they're in the sky. Baby John has so much fun pretending to fly his own plane while the pilot flies the real plane.

Baby John is still having a bit of a hard time sitting still, and jumps up, bumping the back of Jack's seat. Jack and Jill give Baby John a dinosaur toy to try to keep him busy and encourage him to sit still for the rest of the flight. After a little bit of turbulence, Mommy notices that Baby John is a bit scared so she quickly gives him a sippy cup to make him feel all better.

Daddy is napping and trying to get some rest when Baby John eagerly tries to get his attention. When Daddy realizes that Baby John is bored, he brings him closer to the window so he can see all the clouds outside. That keeps Baby John occupied until it's time to land!

Before the family knows it they're on the ground and ready to head off on a fun-filled family vacation! Traveling with kids can be stressful but there are always a few tricks every mom, dad and older sibling have up their sleeves to keep cranky babies happy.

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