Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Water Balloon Fight

Kids love to play with water, so when Baby John and his big brother Jack find a bag filled with water balloons you know they're in for a day filled with water and fun!

Jack is playing a pirate game on his tablet when Baby John approaches him dressed up in a pirate costume. Jack is excited and quickly finds a bag of water balloons that are sure to entertain them for a long time! Both the boys, dressed as pirates, head to the backyard for some water balloon fun! The boys take turns pretending their real pirates at sea and take turns throwing water balloons at each other.

Before you know it, friends arrive with their own pirate costumes and ask if they can play along with Baby John and Jack. The more the merrier and soon all four kids are having the time of their lives! The boys have a great time using their imagination to pretend their pirates at sea as they throw water balloons back and forth.

It's not long before Jill and her friend arrive, eager to play as well. They've even brought more water balloons so the fun can last longer. Now the children have so many water balloons they can hardly lift them! Jack gets splashed by a few as he's trying to pass them to his friend, but he doesn't seem to mind. The kids have a great time throwing water balloons and splashing each other, and soon Mommy arrives with two hoses that make the water balloon battle even more interesting! Even the family dog Bingo decides to come and play. The children use their imagination and pretend that Bingo is a scary sea monster who must be defeated with water balloons!

Daddy arrives to play along with the kids and they're all having a really fun time when Mommy arrives with a treasure chest for all the pirates. Lucky for them this treasure chest is filled with a delicious snack that they all need after a fun afternoon of playing water balloons.

Not only will your child love to watch Baby John, his friends, and family as they play with water balloons, but it will encourage them to use their own imagination when they're playing. Kids will be entertained but also educated when they watch this fun and sweet video.

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