Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Wash, Wash, Wash Your Hands | Healthy Habits Song

Good hygiene is an important lesson all children need to learn, and one of the most basic ways to practice good hygiene is to wash your hands. Baby John learns just how important it is to wash your hands thoroughly, especially before you eat when Mommy sings him a song all about healthy habits.

Baby John is playing with his dog Bingo when he sees a plate of yummy treats. He eagerly reaches to grab one, but Mommy is there to remind him that if he wants to eat a yummy treat, he must wash his hands first. Baby John's hands are dirty from playing, and Mommy reminds him that there are lots of germs that we can't see, so it's important to always wash our hands before eating.

Baby John heads to the sink where he makes sure to use lots and lots of soap to help wash the germs away. He rubs his hands together until there are lots of bubbles and his hands are super clean, then he washes all the dirt and soap away. Now it's time for Baby John to snack on a yummy cupcake, just as big sister Jill arrives from playing soccer outside. Jill is hungry too and those cupcakes look delicious, but her hands are very dirty. Mommy and Baby John remind Jill of the rule that you must wash your hands before eating to wash all the germs and dirt away.

Now that Jill's hands are all clean she gets herself a cupcake to enjoy. Just as she's about to take a bite big brother Jack arrives, excited to see the plate of treats. And while Jack hasn't been outside playing, he is blowing his nose when he walks into the room. Just as he's about to reach for a cupcake Mommy stops him and reminds him about washing his hands. Jack uses lots of soap and water to wash all the germs away and heads out to enjoy his treat, just as Daddy walks in the room. Everyone loves treats, even Daddy, but Mommy quickly reminds him that he must wash his hands too!

Now that everyone has clean hands they all sit down to enjoy their treat, but Baby John is quick to remind Mommy that she must wash her hands too! Poor Mommy has been so busy reminding everyone else to wash their hands she forgot about her own germs. Your kids will love to sing along with Baby John and his family and hopefully, they'll learn just how important washing your hands before you eat really is!

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