Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Time To Wash The Cars

Baby John is at it again and this time he, his big brother Jack and big sister Jill are having fun in the sun while washing the cars! Washing the cars can be a fun way to stay cool on a hot summer day, and what better way to multitask than to play, sing and clean at the same time? Baby John and his brother and sister get to work with the help of their dad in setting up their very own car wash, complete with a wall of foam before they each take turns to ride their own child-sized cars through the car wash.

Baby John gets to ride his fire truck through the car wash and learn all about how to care for his toys at the same time, learning how to make his truck shine like it's brand new! Baby John's father teaches him, Jack, and Jill how to wash their cars and starts with the windshield, explaining just how to clean it to make sure all the dirt comes off. The kids then wash their cars from front to back, not forgetting to wash the hood and the trunk!

What's a car wash without having some fun with the soap and water? Baby John, Jack, and Jill all have some laughs as they spray their father with the hose and take turns making beards and hats out of the bubbles, showing that cleaning can be a lot of fun too! After the cars are cleaned of all the dirt it's time to dry them off. Baby John's dad tells the kids that they can either let the sun and breezes dry their cars or they can use a special cloth to get them dry.

Children of all ages will love watching Baby John, Jack, and Jill all learn how much fun it is to wash the car, and how working together as a team makes it more fun! Your children will love to sing along to the car wash song, set to a very familiar tune they won't be able to stop humming. Who knows, maybe after watching Baby John and his siblings have so much fun washing their cars, your little one will be eager to help wash yours too!

Baby John and his car wash adventures aren't just fun to watch but educational as well. It teaches children about the pride of ownership and how it's important to take care of your things, that teamwork is so important and that everything is more fun when you can sing along!

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