Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: This Is The Way I Help Mommy

Parents know there's always a million chores to do around the house, but many hands make for light work so when everyone helps out it means that Mommy isn't stuck doing everything! Sometimes however those who try to help often end up causing even more mess!

Daddy decides to make breakfast for the family and is mixing the flour and eggs for pancakes when Baby John decides he wants to help. Baby John eagerly takes over the mixing of the pancake mix, but he's not as good of a mixer as Daddy and soon the counter — and Baby John — are covered in pancake mix! Daddy is just happy for the help and cleans everything up before showing Baby John how to cook the pancakes.

Mommy visits Baby John in his bedroom as he's playing, but she notices that he has toys all over the floor. Mommy sings the tidy song and Baby John begins to collect his toys to put them away. When Mommy opens the closet for Baby John, even more toys fall to the floor! Mommy helps Baby John how to tidy his room so his toys won't fall on his head when he opens his closet door!

Baby John then finds Daddy folding the laundry and, eager to help do chores of his own, he wants to help. Only Baby John's idea of folding clothes is to roll them up in a ball, surprising Daddy. Daddy shows Baby John the correct way to fold clothes since he is so eager to help.

When he spots Mommy washing the car, Baby John is very excited to help out. After all, this is a day of chores and Baby John is learning so much already. Baby John is excited to use the hose, but he ends up soaking poor Mommy! Mommy is happy to have such and willing helper and shows Baby John how to use the hose properly and how to wash the car to make it shiny.

When it's time to feed Bingo the dog, Baby John wants to help and grabs some cupcakes off the table to give to Bingo. Bingo is very excited, but Daddy knows that dogs don't eat cupcakes! Daddy and Mommy show Baby John how to properly feed Bingo so one day he can do it all on his own.

Learning to help around the house can be a lot of fun for a little one, and watching Baby John learn to do a variety of chores around the house may make your little one want to chip in too!

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