Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: This Is The Way I Become A Princess

It's no secret that children of all ages love to play dress up! Boys and girls love to put on costumes that help them transform into all sorts of different characters and they love to use their imagination to be anything and anyone they want! Baby John's big sister Jill loves to play dress-up and in this new video from Little Angel, Jill shows everyone just how she becomes a princess!

Set to a familiar and catchy tune, Jill sings a fun song about becoming a princess that your child will love to sing along with. First, she selects her Rapunzel dress and imagines just what she would do to turn herself into the Princess with the long, golden flowing locks of hair. She sings about how she would braid her hair morning, day and night. She then tries on her blue Cinderella gown and immediately imagines herself in her glass slippers, waiting for her carriage to arrive and take her to the ball.

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Sleeping Beauty is next as Jill puts on her Aurora dress, and imagines herself falling asleep as she waits for her Prince to arrive, with Mommy and Daddy making a special appearance as fairies who watch over her. It's time to make things a bit colder as Jill dons her Elsa dress. Jill puts her imagination to the test as she pictures herself using her frozen magic to create an icy staircase. Baby John is the cutest little Olaf snowman as Jill works all her snow magic as the Queen of Frozen!

Jill goes from icy staircases to under the sea as she pretends to be The Little Mermaid herself, Ariel! Jill pretends to sing and dream to meet her Prince Eric just like Ariel. Jill then transforms into Jasmine and imagines exploring the streets of Agrabah on her magic carpet.

It's clear that Jill loves to pretend to be a Princess by dressing up as her favorites and imagining what it would be like to be just like them. So many kids will love to watch as Jill helps to bring their favorite princesses to life, and will no doubt run for their own dress-up clothes after watching to do the same!

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