Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Swimming Lessons | Baby Learns To Swim

Kids love to watch videos on YouTube, and they love watching their favorite friends do all the different things they get to do as well. With Little Angel nursery rhymes and kids songs, children of all ages get to watch Baby John and his family as they sing, dance and have fun doing things all together as a family. Like so many other kids, Baby John is getting ready for his first swimming lesson, and he's not so sure about it at first. Thankfully Daddy is there to help him feel better and before he knows it, Baby John is loving the water.

Baby John isn't sure he's going to like swimming lessons when he first arrives at the pool, like so many other kids who are unsure of the water before their first lesson. He has his goggles and floaties on, but he's still unsure. Daddy is in the water showing Baby John how he splishes and splashes, and when Baby John looks over and sees his friends all sitting on the side of the pool with their feet in the water, he decides to give it a try. Baby John realizes that it's a lot of fun to splash with your feet in the pool!

Next Baby John has to jump in the pool, and he's definitely a little scared. Daddy is waiting for him to catch him and Baby John musters up the courage to take the leap. As soon as Daddy catches him he realizes just how much fun it is to jump in the water and the rest of his friends jump in too. Baby John's swimming instructor then shows him and his friends how to blow bubbles in the water and how to float so they know all the basics.

Now it's time for Baby John to learn how to kick his feet so he can one day swim on his own. Daddy holds Baby John while he kicks, getting splashed in the face and even kicked a few times! Baby John finally gets the hang of it and is one step closer to learning how to swim on his own. The children then move on to the side of the pool where they learn to kick all by themselves.

The children learn how to play with toys in the pool and hold their breath before they practice 'swimming' around the pool, with their parents holding on to them. Learning to swim can be scary for a lot of kids, so getting to watch Baby John as he learns how can help them feel more relaxed when it's their turn to learn.

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