Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Rides At The Theme Park

Summer may be winding down but that doesn't mean that there isn't time for one last trip to the local theme park for a day of cotton candy-filled adventure! And if you and your kids can't get to the theme park for one last visit they can watch as Baby John and his whole family visit the L.A. Theme Park.

No visit to a theme park is complete without some cotton candy and Baby John, big brother Jack and big sister Jill, along with Mommy and Daddy all have their own yummy, colorful cotton candy as they walk into the theme park. Everyone is in awe as they stare at all the fun and adventurous rides, wondering what they are going to do first! The kids immediately hand off their cotton candy to Mommy and Daddy and Baby John check to make sure he's big enough to go on his first ride, a cute caterpillar ride.

Jill spots a baby shark ride and all three kids are excited to have a turn until Jack realizes he's a bit too big for it. Jill and Baby John are just the right sizes and have a blast making their baby shark ride up and down. Jack spots a fun train ride and this time all three kids get to ride together, while Daddy is still stuck holding onto the cotton candy! Mommy then eyes a beautiful carousel with horses that go up and down and the kids can't wait to have a turn. Unfortunately, Daddy is too tall for the carousel, so he's once again stuck holding the cotton candy while everyone else has a turn on the ride.

Daddy may have missed out on some rides but he quickly sees the bumper cars and is eager to hop in. The entire family drives around the bumper car track, enjoying fun family time at the theme park together. It's time to go when Baby John sees a balloon stand. Daddy tells Baby John to pick out a balloon for the way home, and he picks a yellow baby shark balloon to remind him of all the fun the entire family had at the theme park.

Your little one will love to watch Baby John and his family at the theme park as they sing along to their theme park song. Check out the video below!

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