Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Playtime At The Waterpark

Nothing says summer fun like a trip to the waterpark with the whole family! In Little Angel's newest video, Baby John and his family decide to take a trip to their local waterpark where they laugh and sing the day away. Baby John isn't always so sure about the different activities at the water park but with his mom and dad and big brother and sister playing along he ends up having the best time!

When Baby John first arrives at the park he's a little unsure of the splash pad that shoots water high up in the air, but once his father shows him how much fun it can be to get splashed Baby John realizes that it really is fun. Baby John's mom then brings him to a tube filled with sprinklers that spray you as you walk through, but he's not so sure about it! Baby John's mom encourages the tot to give it a try and brings big brother Jack and big sister Jill over to try with him. Sure enough, when Baby John sees how much fun everyone else is having he grabs his mommy's hand and goes through the tunnel himself.

Jack shows Baby John how to use the water cannons to spray each other and Jack quickly realizes that playing at the water park is a lot of fun! Baby John is still nervous to try out some of the other water attractions, but knowing his family is there with him puts him at ease and he eagerly runs down a path surrounded by beautiful flowers that spray water. The best part about the day at the water park is getting to take a break, relax and enjoy a nice glass of lemonade poolside while the family plans their next adventure.

Unfortunately for Baby John's dad, he seems to be having a bit of bad luck, getting sprayed in the face constantly and then slipping on a toy someone left by the pool and falling in. Thankfully he has a great sense of humor and enjoyed the opportunity to get extra cooled off!

Kids will love to watch Baby John and his family as they spend the day at the waterpark and sing along to the familiar tune. Your child may even recognize some of the attractions at Baby John's waterpark and want to try them out for themselves!

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