Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Playtime At The Theme Park

Summer is right around the corner and that means lots of fun daytime adventures with the entire family. Baby John, the star of Little Angel's nursery rhymes and kids songs on YouTube loves to explore and experience new things with his mom and dad and big brother and sister. For his latest adventure, Baby John and his family visit their local theme park and not only does John have the time of his life, but the whole family does too.

Your little one will love to watch as Baby John experiences a theme park for the very first time. No visit to a theme park is complete without first having some cotton candy, but Baby John and his siblings are so excited for all the rides and attractions they quickly forget the sweet treat. Baby John sees a fun caterpillar ride that he can't wait to try out and laughs and giggles as he rides round and round.

Of course, the theme park has its very own baby shark ride which Baby John, his brother, and sister are all excited to ride. Sadly for Baby John's brother, he's just a bit too big for this one, so Baby John and his sister get to ride it themselves as the ride goes up and down, and high and low. Baby John still hasn't had time to eat his cotton candy because of all the fun he's having, and just when he's about to grab it from his father he and his brother spot a ride with trains, and off they go!

The entire family runs off to ride the carousel, but unfortunately, Baby John's dad is too big so he has to sit this ride out. His disappointment is short lived however when he spots his own favorite attraction, the bumper cars! The bumper cars were fun for Baby John's entire family as they all got to drive around, bumping up and bumping down. Baby John's trip to the theme park ended with his picking a favorite balloon to bring home to help remember his special trip.

Watching Baby John and his family enjoy their trip to the theme park will be tons of fun for children of all ages. Kids can sing along to the familiar tune as they recognize all the different rides that Baby John sees during his day. The bright colors and fun shapes will keep little ones entertained as they watch Baby John's eyes light up with each new attraction.

This fun and catchy nursery rhyme are sure to keep your child singing and laughing along and it may just make them want to visit a theme park for themselves!

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