Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Playtime At The Park

Kids love to visit the park with their family where they can run, play and enjoy games with other kids. They also love to watch and learn as other kids do the same, which is why Little Angel's Baby John is so much fun for other children to watch. In his latest video, Baby John visits the local park with his parents, big sister Jill, big brother Jack and family dog Bingo as they sing, laugh and learn to play all different kinds of sports!

Baby John is super excited to be at the park with family as they begin a fun game of soccer. He learns that in soccer you can only use your feet to kick the ball, and he even scored a goal on his brother Jack! Next up the entire family plays a game of basketball that definitely requires holding and dribbling the ball using their hands, unlike soccer. Baby John is thrilled when Jack holds him up high enough to make a basket all by himself!

Football is the next sport the kids start to play, and Jack learns that you need to hold the football "like a baby" but that you can also kick the ball when playing this sport. Baby John's dad then shows the tot how to play volleyball, putting his hands together to "bump" the ball or by using just the fingertips to send the ball over the net. Baseball is up next and Baby John shows what a great batter he is when Jill pitches him the ball. Jack helps Baby John run to each base before sliding into home!

Not only did the entire family have a fun day playing sports at the park, but they learned the rules for a lot of different games as well. Kids at home watching will also learn the basic rules about how to play sports like soccer, baseball, and football as well as be able to practice their counting skills by singing along to the catchy tune. Kids will love to point out the different sports balls when watching and cheering on Baby John as he plays with his family.

It won't be long before your little one will want their own park adventure, just like Baby John and his family.

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