Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Playtime At the Beach And Swimming Song

Spending a day at the beach is fun for everyone, especially Baby John and his family. In this new Little Angel Nursery Rhymes video, your little one will love watching Baby John, Jack, Jill, and their parents as they sing a catchy tune while enjoying a day at the beach. After all, if you can't head to the beach yourself it's fun to watch others enjoy the sand and surf!

The children excitedly begin to prepare to build a sandcastle, but first, they must get ready. Hats, sunscreen, and shoes are all necessary to keep Baby John, Jack, and Jill safe as they prepare to make an epic sandcastle. Their father tells them that they first need to choose the perfect location to build their sandcastle. Mommy points out it shouldn't be too close to the water so it's safe from the tides, but close enough to get the water when needed to build the castle.

Daddy shoes the kids how to begin building their sandcastle as he helps them build towers and walls, all while singing along to a very familiar tune your children will love. Before they know it, the family's sandcastle is taking shape, with everyone pitching in! Once their castle is complete the family poses in front for a picture to remember the day by.

After a fun day at the beach, the family then heads home for a dip in the pool and to sing their new swimming song. Baby John is a bit nervous to slide down the slide into the pool, so Daddy, Jack, and Jill make sure to swim to him as they sing the swimming song. After seeing how much fun everyone else is having Baby John is quick to slide down the slide and join the rest of the family.

Before Baby John knows it, he's swimming across the pool with Jack and Jill! The siblings decide to have a friendly race between them as the swimming song plays in the background. Whether it's at the beach or the pool, it's clear that Baby John and his family love having fun in the sun and water together. The video signs off with the entire family singing a song that every child will recognize and sing along with!

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