Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Playtime At School

Children love to watch Baby John, his family, and friends in Little Angel's nursery rhymes because they can always relate to his adventures. Whether he's at the park, the beach or simply at home playing with his family, children of all ages love to watch Baby John and sing along with his catchy songs. In this recent video, Playtime at School, Baby John, and his school friends learn to skip rope after their teacher shows them how, but of course, it's often easier than it looks the first few times trying!

Teacher shows Baby John and his friends how to jump rope, explaining that you have to grab the handles then put the rope behind you before you swish the rope over your head and jump! It's very easy for Teacher, but will it be just as easy for Baby John and his friends? Sophie goes first and does a great job, and Teacher even videos her jumping so she can watch it afterward.

Next up, Sophie and another school friend jump together, which is much more difficult, but double the fun! Then the children learn that lots of friends can jump rope together when they each take turns to turn the handles and letting someone jump in the middle. Before we know it, two friends are shaking the rope on the ground like a wobbly snake while two friends jump over it, showing just how much fun you can have with a jump rope!

Only Baby John is left watching as he waits his turn, and when he gets to hold the jump rope he plays a game that everyone can participate in. Baby John puts the rope on the ground and turns it like a clock, letting everyone take a turn jumping over it. Poor Baby John does get a bit dizzy from all that turning though, and takes a bit of a tumble! Teacher then ties one end of the rope to a tree as she turns the other end, allowing all the children to jump at the same time!

Jumping rope is a fun way for children to get exercise and practice their coordination skills and in this video Baby John and his friends show viewers a variety of different ways to use a jump rope. Not only will your child learn some fun new ways to jump rope, but they'll enjoy singing along to the familiar tune.

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