Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Peekaboo, I Found You!

Kids love to play all different kinds of games, but one game, in particular, that's fun for children of all ages is peekaboo! Peekaboo is a great game because anyone can play it and have a fun time and you don't need any sort of gaming supplies to play, just your own two hands. Baby John loves to play different games with his family, and in this new video, he and Mommy play a fun game of peekaboo that your little one will love to watch!

Baby John starts out looking everywhere for Mommy because he can't find her! First, he looks in the kitchen but doesn't see Mommy hiding, very quietly, beside the refrigerator.  As Baby John looks around the kitchen table, Mommy quietly sneaks out of the room, leaving Baby John to wonder just where can she be?

As Baby John walks near the door to find Mommy, she surprises him and sings the peekaboo song, much to Baby John's laughter and delight! "I see you" he sings to Mommy. Now it's Daddy's turn to play peekaboo with Baby John as he hides behind a plant in the living room. Baby John excitedly looks on the couch and out the window as Daddy quietly tiptoes away before surprising him singing peekaboo! Baby John is so happy that he spotted Daddy!

Now it's big brother Jack's turn to play with Baby John and the two head outside for some peekaboo fun. Baby John looks on the swings and at the pool before Jack sings peekaboo to his little brother. Not to be left out, big sister Jill wants to play peekaboo too. Baby John looks for Jill in her bedroom, wondering if she's in the closet or on the bed? Jill then appears from behind the curtains singing the peekabo song and Baby John is so excited that he found her!

The family dog Bingo wants to play too and heads to the backyard. Baby John looks in his doghouse, on the lawn, and at the fence before he spots the fluffy puppy behind some shrubs. Now that everyone has had their turn, it's Baby John's chance to hide! Baby John hides under the swings as everyone searches the back yard for him. Finally, Baby John gets to sing peekaboo to his family!

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