Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Ouch We Go Boom Boom

Children of all ages love to play, whether it's outside or in, at parks or friends house, and on bikes or scooters. Playing is so much fun, but sometimes accidents happen and someone gets hurt. These little injuries are usually pretty minor but they can cause a few tears and require a little cuddle to make kids feel better. Baby John, big brother Jack and big sister Jill each learn that being a bit more careful with their things can help make sure everyone is a bit safer.

Baby John is outside enjoying a yummy banana while Jack is riding his scooter. Baby John leaves his banana peel on the ground, causing Jack to take a tumble. Baby John gives his brother a hug, but Jack is quick to remind his little brother that if he had simply thrown his banana peel in the trash the accident wouldn't have happened.

Jill is playing in the house when she leaves a toy laying out on the ground. Mommy walks through the room carrying a tray of refreshing drinks when she steps on the toy! Poor Mommy falls to the ground, spilling the drinks everywhere. Jill comes back to the room to find Mommy on the floor and Mommy reminds her why it's not safe to leave toys laying around.

Jack and Baby John are playing with bubbles when they become distracted by something and leave the open bubble containers on the driveway, spilling their slippery soap everywhere. At the same time, Daddy is coming out of the garage carrying a ladder when he steps in the slippery mess and falls to the ground! The boys quickly run to help their father, and he reminds them that they just can't leave their bubbles open and on the ground.

Jill is painting when she is distracted by a beautiful butterfly outside. Instead of cleaning up her painting supplies first, she runs out of the room after the butterfly. When Jack comes in the room he doesn't see the paint tubes on the floor and steps on them, spraying paint everywhere and falling to the ground. Baby John leaves his blocks on the couch where his unsuspecting parents sit on them, Jack and Jill leave their skipping ropes outside where Mommy falls over them. Hopefully, the kids all learn the lesson that they need to pick up after themselves so no one else gets hurt!

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