Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Oh I'm A Big Boy

It's amazing how quickly kids grow up and transition from baby to toddler to full-on big boys and girls and how independent they become almost overnight. Baby John, the star of Little Angel's nursery rhymes and kids songs, is also growing up to be a big boy and kids of all ages will love to watch him sing about all the things he can do now that he's bigger!

Baby John isn't such a baby anymore, as he and big sister Jill record their height against the wall. Not only has Baby John grown taller, but he's much more independent now that he's a big boy. Baby John can put his shoes on all by himself, even if he doesn't always get it perfectly right. Jill is growing up too and tie her shoes all by herself!

Jill can also do other things all by herself now that she's a big girl, like combing her own hair and putting it into pigtails. It might not be perfect, but she's big enough to try on her own. Baby John shows how he can brush his teeth all by himself now that he's a big boy. He puts the toothpaste on the toothbrush then brushes and rinses his teeth until they sparkle!

Both Baby John and Jill show off their musical skills now that they're bigger. Baby John has fun playing the xylophone while Jill strums on her guitar. Jill can also make her bed all by herself, and even though she's a big girl she still loves to have her stuffie on her bed. Baby John shows how big boys can help clean their own room by tidying up their toys. Even though their big kids now, Baby John and Jill still love to play all day!

Being bigger is full because you can even make pancakes, which Baby John and Jill do and then eat them all up! Getting big can be a lot of fun and your kids will love watching Baby John and Jill explore all the different things they can do now that they're big kids. Who knows, maybe your own child will be inspired to start cleaning their rooms and brushing their teeth all by themselves after watching!

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