Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: 'No No' Swimming Song

It's no secret that kids love to swim and splash in a pool on a hot summer day, but there are a few things that must be done before kids can go swimming. Applying a full-coverage sunscreen is incredibly important for kids who are going to be out in the sun, and so is wearing a hat. Both provide extra protection from the harsh sun so kids can fully enjoy their time in the pool. Baby John is so eager to jump in the family pool that he doesn't want to waste any time. Thankfully his family sings a fun and catchy song to make sure he understands the importance of sun and pool safety.

Baby John is ready to jump in the water when Mommy reminds him that he needs to put on sunscreen first. The sun is very hot in the summer and Baby John definitely doesn't want a sunburn, but he also doesn't want to put on his sunscreen! Daddy sings a song explaining how important sunscreen is while he puts it on too, and soon Baby John realizes that he wants sunscreen as well.

Next Daddy puts Baby John's hat on his head, reminding him that he must wear it when out in the sun to keep him cool, but Baby John doesn't want to wear a hat. He throws it off his head with a defiant "no hat!' until he sees his big brother Jack and big sister Jill wearing their own hat. Not only are they keeping cool, but they look cool too! Before you know it, Baby John wants to be just like Jack and Jill and wear his hat.

Safety is key around pools and Mommy wants Baby John to put his floaties on before going in the pool, but Baby John doesn't want to. Bingo the dog walks by with his floaties on so he can safely jump in the pool and Baby John realizes that he wants to wear his floaties too and be safe in the pool. Now that he has his sunscreen, hat, and floaties on, Baby John is enjoying his time in the pool, relaxing on a mat and drinking lemonade.

But when Jack and Jill ask if they can sit on the mat and share Baby John's lemonade, he says no! When Mommy and Daddy remind Baby John that there's lots of room on his mat for his brother and sister, and that sharing is more fun than being alone, he changes his mind.

Baby John isn't the only one saying "no." When the kids ask Mommy to jump off the diving board, she says "no." Soon enough they've convinced her to give it a try. When it's time to get out of the water and get dried off, Daddy doesn't want to leave the pool, telling everyone "no." Of course, the family assures him that the fun will continue outside the pool, so he agrees to get out and dried off. The entire family enjoyed a fun day in the pool, especially after all those "no's" turned to "yes's"!

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