Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: No, No Bingo! This Is The Way

There's nothing worse than when the kids come inside leaving a trail of mud and dirt behind them after playing outside, except maybe when the dog does it! Mommy is sitting in the family room with Baby John, Jack, and Jill when the family dog Bingo trots in the room through his doggie door covered in mud! Never fear though because Mommy knows exactly how to get Bingo nice and clean.

Mommy shows the kids how to wash Bingo in an outside tub, using doggie soap and water to get rid of all that dirt and mud. Poor Mommy gets splashed when Bingo shakes all the water off his fur, but now everyone is happy that he's no longer covered in mud. Just as Bingo gets dried off his tummy starts to rumble, because he's so hungry! Mommy brings Bingo and the kids inside to sing a song explaining how to feed the little pup.

Mommy shows the kids where the food and water is and how to give it to Bingo, and the puppy is so excited to eat that he makes a bit of a mess and Mommy ends up with dog food on her face! Now that Bingo has a full belly it's time to play, but unfortunately, that means tearing up one of Mommy's couch cushions. Mommy shows the kids how to train and play with Bingo so he won't ruin the nice things in the house and will only play with and chew on his toys. Training a dog takes time and Bingo still needs some work!

Puppies definitely need their exercise so Mommy and the kids take Bingo on a nice walk outside but Bingo sees a friend up ahead and runs to go and visit. Mommy and the kids need to run after the puppy just to catch up! By this time Mommy is getting a bit tired because puppies are a lot of work! Bingo has a vet checkup scheduled so Mommy, Daddy, and the kids bring him in. Bingo then heads home for some more playtime outside, but Mommy is a bit tired from such a busy day so she takes a nap on the couch. One of the best parts of having pets is getting doggy snuggles, and Bingo jumps up to give Mommy a sweet kiss on the face to say thanks for all she does.

Kids will love watching Baby John and his family sing and dance and teach Bingo how to do all the things, and hopefully, they'll realize what a big responsibility having a pet is!

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