Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: No, No, Baby Go To Sleep

Bedtime is an important time of the day. Parents look forward to tucking their little ones in at night so everyone can get some much-needed rest, even though children often protest and claim they're not tired enough to sleep. When Mommy lays Baby John down to go to sleep for the night, she thinks he's ready for bed, but Baby John has other ideas!

As soon as Mommy is out the door, Baby John is full of energy and convinced that there's still some time to play before actually falling asleep. He and his stuffed animals pretend that Baby John is a sailor sailing the seas on their boat, but Mommy hears and returns to tuck Baby John in once again. Mommy sings a sweet lullaby to Baby John as he rolls over in his bed, ready to sleep.

Not so fast! Baby John really isn't sleepy and thinks it's still playtime. This time however Baby John leaves his room, grabs his stuffed animals and heads to the family room. Baby John imagines that he is a King wearing a golden grown but before he knows it, Mommy arrives and reminds him that it is really bedtime now.

Still, Baby John isn't tired, and this time he's decided he needs someone to play with him! Baby John heads to his big brother Jack's room and wakes him up. Together the brothers pretend to be race car drivers until Mommy hears them and once again takes Baby John back to his room.

Baby John doesn't stay in his room for long, but this time he decides that he's going to wake up big sister Jill for some playtime. He and Jill pretend to be baby sharks living under the sea until Mommy comes in to put Baby John back to bed.  Not surprisingly, Baby John still isn't tired! He heads to Mommy and Daddy's room where he and Daddy pretend to be astronauts until Mommy reminds him that because he's a baby it's time to go to bed and stay there this time.

Baby John is so tired from all his playing that he falls fast asleep, and when his family arrives to wake him the next morning, he rolls right over and goes back to sleep. Why does it always seem that babies prefer to play when everyone else wants to go to sleep! This is a fun video with a cute and catchy song your little one will love to sing along to.


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