Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Mommy, Mommy I Love You

There is nothing quite as special as being able to spend quality time with your child, regardless of what you're doing. For you moms who enjoy watching a fun, age-appropriate channel on YouTube with your child, Little Angel just released a sweet video showing Baby John and his Mommy spending a lot of quality time together. The two drive around in the car heading to a big, fun park full of colorful games, an ice cream store, and a costume store. After all, what's better than spending a whole day with your mommy?

Baby John and Mommy's fun day together begins with a ride in the car, just the two of them. Mommy drops Baby John off at daycare where he sings "Mommy, Mommy, I love you." While Baby John is coloring a picture at daycare he sings about how Mommy always makes him yummy food when he's hungry, including his favorite soup. Whenever he gets hurt, Mommy is always there to take care of him and make him feel better. She brings him bandages and gives him a sweet kiss to make sure everything is going to be alright no matter if he gets hurt or if he's not feeling well.

Lots of children have nightmares when they sleep, and Mommy always comes and makes them feel better! When Baby John has a nightmare he sings about how Mommy always comes to his room to make him feel safe and happy. She picks him up out of his bed, comforts him with a snuggle and a kiss and holds him until he's feeling better.

Baby John then sings about how his Mommy takes him to the park every day after school and they get to eat ice cream together, sharing special moments together every day! Even at home, the two share special time together when they watch TV. When Mommy arrives to pick Baby John at daycare he shows her the special picture he drew of the two of them together and Mommy just loves it.

This video is a sweet reminder of how wonderful the mother and child bond is for everyone! Check it out below, and keep watching for more fun and educational videos for your little one.

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