Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Mommy Is Sick | Boo Boo Song

In the world of Little Angel: Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs, when mom gets sick, everyone chips in to help out! We all know that if mom gets sick it affects everyone around the house, so Baby John, big brother Jack, big sister Jill and their father all work very hard to make sure their mom gets the rest she needs to feel better after coming down with a pesky cold.

Baby John's mom is busy making the family a yummy pancake breakfast when she suddenly begins to sneeze. She quickly realizes that she's coming down with a cold, but reassures a worried Baby John that she'll be just fine. Mom sits at the table and quickly realizes that she's a bit under the weather. Jill calls for her dad to come and help out, and he sees that Mom isn't feeling her best and that she definitely needs to take some time and get some rest.

The entire family decides that Mom needs to head to bed so she can feel better. They tuck Mom into bed, with Baby John delivering her a box of tissues for her runny and sneezy nose. The family knows that Mom is always taking care of them, so now it's their turn to take care of her too. Poor Baby John is very worried about Mom, but his Dad reassures him that she'll be just fine, and then suggests they take Mom's temperature to see if she has a fever.

Because Mom has a small fever, Baby John and Dad prepare some cold packs to help cool her off. All the kids take turns placing the cold packs on Mom's forehead and then Baby John gives her some juice to make her feel better. As mom settles in for a nap, the entire family make some nice soup to help make her feel better. After the kids bring Mom her soup and more juice, Dad announces that she's feeling better again and will be ready to join the family for another pancake breakfast.

Mom thanks the entire family for their love and care when she wasn't feeling well, telling them all that nothing makes you feel better than the love and care of your family!

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