Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Let's Go To The Jungle Park

It's vacation time for Baby John and his family in a new video from Little Angel's Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs. Baby John, Mommy, Daddy, Jack, and Jill are off on an adventure at the jungle park and they can't wait to see all the different animals they're going to encounter!

The whole family meets up with their tour guide, who is dressed as a very colorful bird, and they quickly embark on a raft ride down the river. The family navigates the rapids as they go sailing down the river super fast. Baby John, Jack, and Jill are watching the fish swim by as they pass, when before they know it they come to a waterfall! Their guide helps them sail down the waterfall safely before they move on to their next adventure.

Kids love to pretend to fly like birds, and with the zipline adventure, they really pretend! Although Daddy doesn't seem too sure of being on the zipline, he straps himself in with everyone else and soon enough the whole family is zipping down the zip lines "flying" beside the birds! Once they're done with the zip lines, the family heads to the bikes, where they put on their helmets and get ready to explore the jungle on two wheels. Once again Daddy seems to be having some trouble, and even bikes right into a spider web!

For their final adventure, the entire family jumps on a cable cart for the monkey trail! Their adventure guide makes sure to give Daddy a supply of bananas to feed the monkeys and the family sets off to on their adventure. The cart takes through the trees and jungle as they get to watch the monkeys as they play and swing from limb to limb. The family feeds the monkeys as they go along, and the monkeys are more than happy to swing beside them and even jump on their cart for a ripe, yellow banana.

The family finishes their jungle adventure with a big lunch. They're all very hungry after their day of rafting, biking, zip-lining and exploring. Of course just as Daddy sits down to enjoy a banana one of their monkey friends quickly snatches it from him. The entire family had a fun day exploring the jungle and seeing all the different kinds of animals and they can't wait to do it again!

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