Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Let’s Do The Animal Dance

Face painting is so much fun for kids of all ages, and there's nothing more fun than being able to dress up and get your face painted to play with friends. Baby John and his nursery school friends are in for a treat as teacher Hannah gives them each a turn painting their faces as their favorite animals. Watch as the kids transform into dogs, cats, and other fun animals as they sing along to a catchy song.

Baby John is the first to get a turn having his face painted. Teacher Hannah paints his nose pink and cheeks white and then adds in some brown polka dots to turn him into an adorable puppy dog. Hannah added a pair of dog ears and Baby John's look was complete! Next up one of Baby John's friends gets her face painted pink and her mouth red and she's transformed into the cutest big you've ever seen! "Oink, oink," the friend says, as she imagines playing in the dirt just like a real pig.

Another friend gets his face painted white with black polka dots and a pink nose and mouth to become a friendly cow. As he sings "moo, moo," he pretends to eat hay, just like a cow does. The next friend gets their nose painted black and their cheeks painted orange while their mouth is painted red. This little girl is now a tiger, and she gives an impressive "roar" as she pretends to be the jungle cat. Then the children, who are all dressed up as their favorite animals, do their very own animal dance.

As each of them states the animal they are dressed up as the real-life animal noise is played in the background. This lets your child not only identify the animals by what they look like but also what they sound like too! Face painting time isn't over and Baby John's other friend is quickly transformed into a cute kitty cat! She purrs and meows and pretends to act just like a cat. Another friend becomes a mouse and 'squeaks' as they talk, while another teacher Hannah decides to get in on the face painting fun too!

Hannah paints her face to look like a bee, then the entire class is doing the animal dance. Kids of all ages will love to watch as Baby John and his friends get their faces painted to do the animal dance and they'll learn all about different animals and the sounds they make.

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