Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Jill Had A Little Lamb

Children of all ages love to watch videos on YouTube that feature songs they can sing along to and friends that can watch go on fun adventures. With Little Angel Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs, your children can watch as Baby John and his entire family go on lots of adventures that are as educational as they are enjoyable to watch. When Baby John, big brother Jack, big sister Jill, Mommy and Daddy visit Grandma and Grandpa at their farm not only do the kids get to spend a day around the farm animals but Jill also makes a very special friend.

Mommy and Daddy head off leaving Baby John, Jack and Jill with Grandma and Grandpa for a day on the farm and Jill spots a little baby lamb hiding in the straw right away! Everyone is so excited to see the baby lamb, but Grandpa is a bit confused because he’s never seen this lamb before! Grandma and Grandpa are worried since the lamb is just a baby that he might be lost and missing his very own mommy. Jill and Grandma headed to the left side of the barn to search for the mama lamb but didn’t have any luck, while Baby John, Jack, and Grandpa headed to the right side of the barn to take a look. Sadly, they couldn’t find the baby lamb’s mama either.

Jack comes up with the brilliant idea to make posters for the baby lamb, and while they’re looking for his mama Grandma tells the children that the lamb can stay with them. She even lets them give the baby lamb a name, and Jill comes up with the name Wooly. Jill takes a picture of Wooly while Jack draws a picture for their poster.

The entire family rides their tractor into town to hang their posters, hoping that the lamb’s rightful owner will come and claim him. Grandma decides that Wooly is looking a bit dirty, so she brings a little pool outside and uses the well pump to fill it with water to give Wooly a bath. Baby John is so excited to see Wooly in the pool having a bath that he jumps in too!

It’s bedtime and still, little Wooly hasn’t found his home yet, so he tucks in with Baby John, Jack, and Jill for the night. Bright and early the kids wake up to head outside and play with the animals just in time for Mr. Shepherd to arrive. He spotted the poster with Wooly on it and came to get his little lamb. Everyone was so happy to see Wooly reunited with his family!

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