Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: I’ve Got A Boo Boo | Boo Boo Song 2

Every parent knows all about boo boo's and how upsetting it can be for a child when they get one. Even a tiny scrape can seem super painful for a little one who just needs a bit of comfort and maybe a kiss from mom to make everything all better again. In this new Little Angel Nursery Rhymes video, Baby John, big brother Jack and big sister Jill all get boo boo's and it's up to Mommy and Daddy to make them all better!

Baby John is chasing after a balloon that is floating away when he trips and falls and gets a boo boo on his knee. Baby John runs to find Mommy, who is outside gardening. Set to a very familiar and beloved children's song, Mommy sings to Baby John that she will fix his boo boo by giving it a kiss! Mommy's always know how to make everything feel better.

Jack is riding his scooter when he has a little tumble of his own. Thankfully Jack is wearing his helmet, but he does get a little boo boo on his elbow. Even big brothers like Jack know that mommies are the best for making boo boo's feel better and he sets off to find his own mommy. He finds her in the playroom and she's a little startled to see Jack with a boo boo, but she sits him on the chair and kisses it all better!

Jill is reaching for a toy on a shelf when she knocks something off that lands on her foot — ouch! Jill searches for Mommy and sings to her all about her boo boo. Mommy sits Jill on the couch and gives her foot a sweet kiss to make her feel better. It's amazing how a simple kiss from Mom can make all the kids feel so much better!

It's not only the kids who need Mom when they get a boo boo — Daddy is outside painting the treehouse when the can of paint falls on his head, leaving a big red mark! Mommy, Baby John, Jack and Jill get the first aid kit to help fix Daddy up, and of course they give him a kiss to make him feel better too!

Kids of all ages will love this boo boo song set a familiar nursery rhyme. The video features lots of bright colors and a repetitive tune that everyone will love to watch.

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