Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: If You Are Happy

Feelings are something that every child has, but they don't always understand them or know how to express them. Sometimes it can be really frustrating to a little one when they start to feel a certain way that isn't familiar to them. In this Little Angel Nursery Rhymes and & Kids Songs video, Baby John's mommy explains to him all the different kinds of feeling that little ones feel and how they can express those feelings.

Singing a tune that almost everyone is familiar with, Mommy starts reading Baby John a book all about feelings. "Grumpy" is the first feeling they discover and is one that many children know all about. When Mommy wakes Baby John up from his nap he's a little grumpy and he makes a pout. The next feeling is "happy" and Mommy sings that when we're feeling happy, we want to jump! She hands Baby John his shoes so he can jump away!

Next is a feeling that many children have experienced, and that's "shy". Mommy explains to Baby John that when people are feeling shy they often want to hide, and then Baby John is at school with his friends and teacher, but since he's being a bit shy he's trying to hide behind the curtains or his mom's legs, anywhere he can. The teacher introduces Baby John to a new friend named Mia and slowly he's not so shy anymore.

Next is the feeling "sad" and many children know about that one too. Mommy sings that when children are feeling sad they often want to cry, but sometimes all it takes is a hug from Mommy to make everything feel all better! Being "mad" is also a feeling kids often experience. Baby John gets mad at school because he doesn't want to share his toy with his new friend Mia, but his teacher tells him that it's much more fun to share. Now Baby John isn't mad anymore.

"Scared" is the next feeling Mommy explains to Baby John, and sings that when people are scared they often want to scream, and when we are feeling "proud" we want to do a hi-five! The final feeling that Mommy sings about is "sleepy" and it's no wonder that Baby John is so tired after experiencing so many feelings!

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