Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: I Want To Be Big

If your child has ever complained about all the things they can't do because they're kids, this Little Angel nursery rhyme is for you! Every child wants to be bigger than they are sometimes so they can do things the big kids and adults do. Whether it's staying up a bit later or eat candy whenever they want, kids often want to be big so they can do what bigger kids do. Little Angel's Baby John is no different, but his Mommy quickly reminds him that he shouldn't be in a rush to grow up.

When Baby John first wakes up his mommy tells him that it's time for breakfast, but Baby John wants to eat cookies. Baby John thinks that if he was bigger he could eat cookies all day long, but Mommy reminds him he has to eat his healthy breakfast of fruit if he wants to grow big and strong. After eating his healthy breakfast, it's time for Baby John to get dressed, and he quickly rushes to Daddy' shoes to put them on.

Mommy reminds Baby John that those shoes are too big for him, and Baby John once again sings that if he was big he could wear Daddy's shoes. Mommy doesn't want him to trip so she gives him his Baby Shark boots that fit just perfectly. Baby John joins Mommy in the kitchen where she's cooking nutritious food for the family, and Baby John is eager to help by stirring the pots on the hot stove.

Once again, Mommy has to remind Baby John that he's too young to cook, but just the perfect age to play with the pots and pans in the kitchen. It's bath time next and Baby John is eager to be in the bath by himself. Of course, that's not safe and Mommy tells Baby John that when you're small, you get to play in the bathtub and that's more fun!

It's nighttime and Mommy and Daddy are watching television when Baby John makes a surprise appearance. Mommy tells him it's time for bed but he wants to be big so he can stay up late and watch television too. Mommy and Daddy decide to read Baby John a book instead, and he's quickly ready for bed. Kids always want to be big so they can do what the grown-ups and bigger kids are doing, but there will be plenty of time for that!

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