Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: I Want To Be A T-Rex Dino

The only thing children love more than singing and dancing along to a favorite tune is dressing up while they sing and dance along! When Baby John of Little Angel: Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs arrives at daycare and finds out that it's Dino Day, he can hardly contain his excitement. He knows that he's in for a fun-filled day of singing, dancing and dressing up like his favorite dinosaur — the T-Rex!

Baby John and his friends are so excited for dino day as their teacher begins to sing a familiar tune they all clap along to. She tells them all to get ready to dress up as their favorite dinosaurs so they can have fun playing and learning. The kids then play an exciting game of dinosaur treasure hunt, where they have to find three different toy dinosaurs hidden around the daycare room.

Mia was the first to spot a toy dinosaur. She found the stegosaurus behind the books and learned that the stegosaurus has a spiky tail and likes to roar! Charlie is next when he finds the triceratops under the table. The triceratops has three horns and only eats plants the children learn through their teachers fun song. There is only one more dinosaur to find, and that's the T-Rex! Baby John spots it right away, hiding behind a toy basket. He's so excited because the T-Rex is his favorite dinosaur! He learns the T-Rex is a giant dinosaur with pointy teeth and large jaw, but only small arms with big claws!

After their game of treasure hunt is done, all the children get to dress up as their favorite dinosaurs, with Baby John getting the T-Rex mask because he found the T-Rex toy. The children use their 'dino feet' to stomp on the floor and roar like dinosaurs, much to everyone's delight! The children have a wonderful time laughing, singing and clapping along to their teacher's dino song.

Kids at home watching Baby John and his friends will love to sing and clap along to the catchy dino song as they learn some fun new facts about dinosaurs too. Kids of all ages can agree that dressing up makes playtime even more fun! Watch Baby John and his friends as they dress up as dinosaurs and learn all about the prehistoric animals.

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