Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Fun Day At The Aquarium

There's nothing quite as exciting as a trip to the aquarium for children of all ages. Getting to watch all the different sea life as they swim and play is not only amazing to see but educational too! If your child loves a trip to the aquarium they're going to love watching Baby John and his friends as they enjoy a fun-filled day at the local aquarium where they get to see so many differentBaby John and his friends begin their adventure by taking a school bus to the aquarium, and their bus driver is even in the aquarium spirit sea creatures.

by wearing a shark baseball hat! Baby John's teacher sings a fun song as he and his friends embark on their aquarium adventure. The children learn all about different sea creatures, including a pair of sea horses who are also spotted together, because it's how they show they care.

Guided by a tour guide and a friendly penguin, Baby John and his friends then spot a diver in one of the aquariums, swimming with an octopus! The kids then walk through an area that is surrounded by jellyfish tanks and even find the 'teacher' jellyfish who shows all the other jellyfish how to swim around. The kids then get to go to something called the "touch pool" where they actually get to touch the different fish that are swimming around. Baby John even ends up with a starfish on his hat!

The kids move outside and just like at a real aquarium they're treated to a show being put on by the penguins and dolphins. The children love to sing and dance along as they watch all the sea creatures at the aquarium!

Once their trip is over, each of the children gets a souvenir of their favorite sea creature, from penguins to goldfish and dolphins! What a great way to remember such a fun day. After their exciting adventure, the kids walk back out to their bus where the driver is waiting to hear all about their fun day. They had so much fun that Baby John's penguin friend tried to get on the bus too! Once they send him back to the aquarium, the children head home, eager to share their adventures with their family.

Little Angel Nursery Rhymes are the perfect videos for kids of all ages to enjoy. Not only will they love to watch Baby John on all his adventures, but they'll love the bright colors and catchy songs in each video.

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