Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Finger Family At The Park

Children love to watch family-friendly and educational videos on YouTube which is why parents love the Little Angel: Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs channel so much. Baby John and his family are always doing fun, educational activities while singing catchy songs kids love to sing along with. Children of all ages will love to watch Baby John and his family as they visit their local park for a picnic where they meet a mischievous new friend and sing the finger family song.

The entire family visits the local park for a picnic when Baby John and his dad begin singing the finger family song. Baby John immediately meets a cute and friendly squirrel who is a bit mischievous. When singing the family finger song, the squirrel quickly nabs Daddy's sandwich and quickly runs for cover!

It's Baby John and his Mommy's turn to sing next, but their squirrel friend has other ideas! As Baby John's mom is singing about reading, the squirrel takes not only her book but her glasses too. Looks like the squirrel wants to do some reading as well!  Jack, Baby John's big brother likes to play baseball at the park but yet again the squirrel has other ideas when he takes Jack's baseball. Thankfully he throws it in a perfect pitch back to Jack.

As Jill, Baby John's older sister is playing with her dolls, the squirrel runs off with one of them! When it's Baby John's turn to sing the finger family song, he reveals he likes to play with friends at the park, revealing his squirrel friend relaxing on Mommy's book while wearing her glasses, eating Daddy's sandwich with Jill's doll's hair on his head and leaning against Jack's baseball mitt!

Kids love this video because of the repetitive nature of the finger family song allows them to learn it quickly and sing along. They're also able to identify different objects and activities like a sandwich, book, glasses, and baseball. Because the words scroll across the bottom of the screen while Baby John and his family sing, older children can learn to recognize familiar words and read along.

If you're looking for a YouTube channel you can trust to entertain and educate your children, Little Angel is a perfect choice!

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