Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Family Baby Photos

Children love to look at pictures, especially pictures of themselves and the entire family. If you ever want to keep your child occupied because you have something to do, give them a photo album and watch as they are enthralled looking at all the different photos of people, places and things they love. Baby John and his family love to look at family photos, especially baby photos of everyone. In this recent video, they all join together in the family room to share memories of all the kids when they were babies.

Baby John, Mommy, Daddy, big brother Jack and big sister Jill all gather in the family room to eat some yummy pizza as they look back at sweet memories in a family photo album that Mommy has brought out. The entire family shares some laughs as they look at pictures from all their adventures. From beach days to park days, this family enjoys a lot of time together.

Mommy shows Baby John pictures from when he was just a newborn and Jack and Jill took turns rocking him to sleep in his cradle. There are so many pictures of Baby John, including pictures of him playing soccer in the backyard when he was just tiny. Now it's Jill's turn to see pictures of her when she was little. Mommy shows her pictures from when she wasn't feeling well and Mommy took care of her to a Baby Jill dressed up like a princess and dancing in her bedroom.

It's Jack's turn now to see pictures from when he was a baby, and Mommy shows him how much he loved bathtime and how much he loved to cuddle with Mommy. But it isn't just the kids who have baby pictures, Daddy found his baby album to share with the family too. He showed Mommy and the kids pictures of himself as a baby eating his broccoli and even learning to walk.

Even though mommies are usually the ones taking the pictures, Mommy found her own baby album and showed her family pictures of her when she was a baby playing with a bunny rabbit and dancing to music. Not to be outdone, Bingo the dog even has his own photo album!

Children of all ages will love to look at Baby John and his family pictures almost as much as they'll love to look at pictures of their real family!

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