Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Don’t Want A Bath, No No

Kids love nothing more than to play outside with their friends, both human and furry! And of course while they're playing they aren't concerned at all about keeping clean, In fact, sometimes getting dirty is one of the most fun parts of playing outside. Parents love to watch their kids playing and having fun, but it's also important they get cleaned up after a day of playing outside, which means a bath is necessary. Kids love to play outside but they don't always love to take a bath!

Baby John is having a great time playing outside in the mud with his dog Bingo. Mommy isn't quite so happy to see Baby John and Bingo covered in mud, and tells Baby John that he's going to need a bath, but he's not very happy about that at all! Mommy does some quick thinking and fills up the outdoor pool with water and some bubbles, and Bingo jumps right in! Baby John watches as Mommy washes all the mud off Bingo and he decides that he's ready to take a bath too!

Baby John jumps in the outdoor bath with Bingo and soon Mommy is making sure they're both clean. Together they splish and splash and get all clean before it's time to get out. Big sister Jill comes outside with her paints and together Baby John and Jill does some painting. But painting is some seriously messy business and once again, it's bathtime! Baby John doesn't want to take a bath again so he runs and hides behind a tree. Mommy is smart though and fills up the outdoor pool again for some outdoor bathtime fun. Jill loves the outdoor bath and even does swimming in the pool, which makes Baby John realize just how fun it can be! Before you know he jumps in the pool too to get clean.

Baby John and Jill see big brother Jack eating an ice cream sundae and can't wait to join him! Of course, soon enough all three kids are covered in ice cream and sauce, so Mommy fills up the outdoor pool one last time. Baby John quickly realizes that having a bath outside is fun, and he joins his brother and sister who are having a blast splishing and splashing around. Bath time can be a lot of fun if you make it!

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