Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Dollhouse Pretend Play With Baby Brother

Kids love imaginative play and they love to take pride in creating worlds for their toys where everything is just how they want it, but sometimes when a younger sibling wants to play to they aren't quite as careful. Jill is having a wonderful time playing with her dollhouse and setting up her dolls exactly how she wants them. She loves her dollhouse and makes it so pretty, but then Baby John comes along and wants to play. Unfortunately, Baby John is a bit messy and doesn't play with the dolls exactly how Jill does.

Jill is a little sad that Baby John has messed up her beautiful dollhouse, but soon Daddy comes along and reassures her that they can teach Baby John just how to keep it neat and clean. Jill starts playing in her dollhouse bath with her toys, but soon Baby John comes along and pours too much water in the doll tub, causing a mess once again. Poor Jill is so frustrated!

Mommy comes along and gives Baby John his own baby and a baby bath to play with while she helps Jill clean up the dollhouse. Jill then pretends to sweep out her dollhouse with one of her dolls when Baby John once again decides he wants to play. He uses a broom that's too big and messes up Jill's dollhouse again! Baby John just wants to play but Jill is annoyed that he makes such a mess.

Jill then takes her dolls grocery shopping to her very own pretend doll grocery store, but of course, Baby John wants to grocery shop too. He has an idea to get his own toy grocery cart and groceries but they're much bigger than Jill's. Soon enough Baby John has made another mess and Jill is upset.

While Jill tries to play with her dollhouse again, Baby John arrives with some toys. Jill is convinced he's going to make a mess but instead, he sits on the floor and plays his xylophone. Jill is so happy he didn't make a mess and they soon trade toys and take turns playing. Having the patience to show Baby John how to properly play with her dollhouse has paid off and now the two of them can happily play together.

Little siblings can be annoying and messy sometimes, but this video shows that with a little patience and understanding, they can be taught how to play properly.

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