Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Daddy, Mommy, Yes Kids

Parents often do silly things, like sneaking ice cream and sweets, when they think their children aren't looking. But we don't give kids enough credit sometimes and they often catch us in the act! In the Little Angels nursery rhymes and kids songs, Daddy, Mommy, Yes Kids, a parent version of the Johnny, Johnny song, Baby John, big brother Jack and big sister Jill catch their parents as they try to sneak some tasty, yummy treats!

Daddy is in the kitchen eating some ice cream when Baby John and Jill walk in and ask him what he's eating. Daddy tries to pretend it's nothing, but the kids know he's hiding something behind his back and in his mouth! Daddy confesses that he was enjoying some ice cream and shares with Baby John and Jill, who enjoy a yummy looking sundae while Daddy finishes his ice cream.

Baby John and Jack are playing superhero while Mommy is trying to enjoy a much-needed donut by herself. When Baby John and Jack ask Mommy if she's eating a donut, she tries to deny it, but they ask her to open her mouth and they see she has been eating donuts. Mommy and her boys then enjoy a nice coffee and donut break together.

Mommy is cleaning up when she hears Daddy enjoying something tasty in the garage. She walks in to see Daddy enjoying some delicious pizza. Mommy asks Daddy if he's eating pizza, and he denies it until Mommy asks him to open his mouth to prove it, and he laughingly admits he was having some pizza. Now he and Mommy are both enjoying the delicious pizza together.

Mommy then moved to the back yard where she was quietly enjoying a bowl of popcorn until, you guessed it, Daddy came along and asked what she was eating. Although she said she had nothing, Daddy knew she was enjoying the popcorn, and asked her to open her mouth. The couple then sat side by side in the backyard and enjoyed the popcorn together.

Baby John, Jack, and Jill are all playing in the house when they hear Mommy and Daddy trying to have a snack in private. The come across them eating cookies without the kids, so naturally, they ask them what they have. Mommy and Daddy admit they were enjoying a sweet snack without them, and invite them to join in. Soon everyone is enjoying a tasty treat of cookies and milk!

A tired Baby John then begins to make his way to his room for the night when he stumbles on Mommy, Daddy, Jack and Jill in the kitchen enjoying a nice slice of pie without him! Try as they might to deny they were eating pie without him, Baby John asks them all to open their mouths, which immediately gives them all away. Baby John settles in to have his own piece of pie with his family before bed. It seems like it's more fun to share treats and sweets with your family than to simply enjoy them alone!

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