Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Bath Time With Toys

If your little one loves their bath time then they're going to love the newest video from Little Angel. Baby John gets to have so much fun when he has bath time with his favorite toys and your child is going to love watching him splash away and play as he gets squeaky clean.

When Baby John's mom tells him it's time to get in the bath he quickly gathers up a few special friends to join him. The mom tells Baby John how to turn the faucet on to fill the bathtub with water before he can get in. Of course, no bath time is complete without bubbles, and Baby John has lots!

His mom then shows him how to use a bar of soap to make sure gets rid of all the dirt and grime on his body, and then she shows him how to use shampoo to make sure his hair gets clean too. Baby John's mom even used his toy T-Rex to show him how to properly wash his hair, including making sure his eyes and mouth are closed so as not to get any soap in there!

Baby John's mom uses a cup to rinse all the soap and shampoo off Baby John, careful not to get any soap in his eyes. During his bath, Baby John's big brother Jack, dog Bingo and his dad have all come in to see if bath time was over because they have a surprise for him, but Baby John loves his bath so much he's in no rush to get out! Now that Baby John is nice and clean he's ready to use his towel to dry off, but first, there's time for a little bit more fun as he pretends to be a ghost with his towel!

Now that bath time is over and he's cozy and warm and his pajamas, Baby John gets to see what his surprise was. His dad, brother John, and sister Jill have decorated his room for a nighttime story and they're all ready for their father to read it to them. Baby John is ready for his story, and so are his bath time friends!

Bath time with toys is a fun video with a catchy tune that will let your child laugh and sing along as they watch Baby John learn about having fun in the tub with his toys. Children are naturally inquisitive and this cute video shows them all the steps they need to take to make sure they're nice and clean before they leave the bathtub, and it has a catchy tune to sing along with too!

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