Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Bath Time With Dad

Kids love bath time almost as much as they love singing and dancing, which is why the latest video from Little Angel is the perfect nursery rhyme for your little one. Infants, toddlers, and children of all ages love to watch cartoon videos on YouTube and the Little Angel channel provides a wide variety of fun, entertaining and educational short songs for the whole family.

In the video Bath Time With Dad baby John and his father are enjoying a day at home together, just the two of them. The dad is showcasing his awesome origami skills by creating a variety of paper animals in all different vibrant colors for baby John, much to the infant's delight. Since baby John is so thrilled with the paper animals, his father decides to create paper airplanes for his son, showing him how he can fold the different colored paper to create the paper planes.

Next, up the father and son bring their paper airplane creations outside to watch them fly. The father encourages baby John to use his imagination to pretend he and his father are soaring above the clouds in their own planes as they create different shapes while flying like circles and lines.

The father and son duo then take the time to gaze at the clouds, pointing out all the different objects and shapes they see float by. Baby John sees the shape of a train to which he proudly proclaims, "choo choo!" and a cloud that looks like an ice cream cone which makes baby John say "yummy"! After spotting a cloud that looks a lot like a boat, baby John's dad has the idea to create their own paper boats and bring them in the bath for a fun bathtime adventure. Baby John gets to pretend he's the captain of his bathtub fleet, much to his delight. After bathtime, it's time for bed and baby John is exhausted from his fun day playing with his dad.

Not only is this video from Little Angel catchy and fun and sure to delight your little one, but it's educational as well. Baby John was taught all about different shapes and colors and encouraged to use his imagination to make playtime even more fun. His dad showed him how to make paper airplanes and boats that can provide hours of endless entertainment for kids of all ages. Children watching will enjoy the catchy tune and repetitive nature of the song, and those who are older can use the highlighted words at the bottom of the video to sing along.

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Bath Time With Dad is the perfect video to help spark your little one's imagination while keeping them entertained.

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