Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Baby's Bath Time

Children of all ages love bath time! There's something that's so much fun about being able to splash around in the water while playing with all their favorite bath toys. Parents love bath time too because not only is it a way to get little ones all clean, it's also a great time to sing and play with their child and teach them a few things at the same time.

In the Little Angel video Baby's Bath Time, Baby John eagerly jumps in the tub with all of his favorite toys. Baby John brings his baby shark toy in the tub with him and his mom quickly sees a game that isn't only fun but educational as well. Because the baby shark is yellow, Mom asks Baby John to find the yellow hoop for the toy to swim through. It takes Baby John a second to see it, but once he does he squeals with delight and lets his toy jump through the hoop.

Mom then adds bubbles to the water to make it even more fun! As she begins to wash Baby John's hair, she points out another toy — brother shark — who is green. Now Baby John has to find the green hoop for brother shark to swim through. Baby John is thrilled when he spots the hoop that's the same color as his shark toy! Now that the tub is filled with bubbles, Baby John dons his swimming mask and snorkel to pretend to swim in the tub!

Baby John's toy sister shark is purple, so of course, he eagerly looks to find the purple hoop. Baby John has had a lot of practice finding the hoops that match his toy sharks and he finds the purple hoop right away! When Baby John's mom turns her back for a moment he quickly adds more bubbles to bath, which is now brimming in suds! Baby John is having a blast playing with his toys and all the bubbles and Mom has to move the bubbles bottle so Baby John doesn't add anymore!

Baby John has one last toy shark that needs to find her matching hoop, and that's the red mommy shark! Baby John passes his mommy the red hoop and while she's playing with the mommy shark and hoop, Baby John quickly adds more bubbles!

Bathtime is more fun when get to play with toys and bubbles just like Baby John!

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