Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Baby Swimming At The Beach

Kids of all ages love to watch Baby John and his family as they sing and play in Little Angel: Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs. The videos not only feature fun songs and familiar tunes but teach kids about counting and colors and so many other fun things. When Baby John and his family take a trip to their local beach kids get to watch as Baby John, who is scared to go in the water initially, learns how much fun he can have playing in the sand and the water with his whole family.

First Baby John's mother applies sunscreen to everyone because while a day at the beach is fun, it's also important to be safe. No one wants to go home with a sunburn! The family sets up their umbrella and towels and the kids eagerly run towards the ocean. Baby John has his inflatable dinosaur around his waist to keep him safe in the water, but he's still unsure about dipping his toes in! He quickly learns how much fun splashing in the water can be and then heads out to play in the sand with a crab friend who has taken a liking to Baby John.

Baby John and the little crab play around on the sand with Baby John's mother, but soon Baby John is upset that he has sand all over himself. That is until big brother Jack comes along to show just how awesome it can be to play in the sand! They do somersaults and make sand angels and just spend time rolling in the sand. When the siblings get itchy from playing in the sand they head to the water to clean off. Baby John's dad then comes along and shows the kids how to make a sand castle, which their crab friend decides will become his home!

The entire family has a great time spending the day at the beach, and Baby John learns that it's important to be safe when playing around water. Sunscreen and floaties are a must, but so is having fun! Playing in the water and the sand provides countless hours of entertainment for everyone in the family.

Your little one will love watching Baby John swimming at the beach so much, they'll probably ask when their own family can take a trip to the beach!

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