Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Baby Is Sick

Being sick is never fun, but if your little one is feeling under the weather there’s nothing quite like watching a fun Little Angel video to make them feel a bit better! Baby John, big brother Jack and big sister Jill are all feeling a bit sick in this latest video, but Mommy knows just how to make everyone feel better.

Baby John first notices his ear is sore and begins pulling on it as he calls to his Mommy. Poor Baby John’s ear hurts so much he’s crying, but Mommy is here to help. She gives Baby John a favorite toy to play with while she applies a cloth to Baby John’s ear to make it feel better. Mommy makes Baby John’s ear feel all better, but it isn’t long before someone else is feeling a little sick.

Mommy hears Jack sneezing from his bedroom and quickly comes to see what’s wrong. Jack has a case of the sniffles, so Mommy tucks him into bed, while Baby John brings him a favorite stuffie to snuggle with. Mommy knows that rest is important in helping Jack feel better and tells him that he’ll definitely feel better after some much-needed sleep.

Next, it’s Jill’s turn to feel under the weather, and Mommy is there to make her feel better when Jill is coughing and sneezing. Mommy makes Jill some hot soup before tucking her into bed. Just as she’s getting ready to sleep Baby John and Jack, who are both feeling much better now thanks to Mommy, bring her a toy to sleep with. Jill lays down to get some much-needed rest so she too can feel better.

Thankfully all the kids are feeling better, but now poor Bingo the dog is feeling a bit sick. Mommy takes Bingo and gives him a treat and then tucks him into bed too so he can feel better. But now it’s Daddy’s turn to feel sick! It’s Mommy to the rescue once again. She tucks Daddy into bed so he can feel better too. Baby John, Jack, and Jill all help to put Daddy to sleep. Now that everyone is feeling better Mommy is feeling sick!

Everyone in the family gathers to make sure Mommy is getting the rest she needs so she can feel better too. Mommy takes care of everyone so it’s their turn to take care of her!

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