Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Baby Goes To The Toy Store

Little ones love to sing and dance along to nursery rhymes which is why the Little Angel YouTube channel is a treasure trove of fun for your little one. All the enjoyable, quality songs featured on the Little Angel YouTube channel are reimagined classic nursery rhymes set to original music that your little one is going to love. Even better is the songs are accompanied by colorful cartoons that are sure to entertain toddlers and children of all ages! The songs not only entertain your little ones but they also teach them at the same time, which is exactly what every parent wants from a YouTube channel.

In Baby Goes to The Store, one family makes their own adventure when they gather up their two older children and their baby named John to head to the local toy store where each child will get to pick a new toy! The children learn they must get ready and put their shoes on before heading to the car where they excitedly sing about their big trip to the toy store in the family car. Once they're all loaded in the car, the adventure begins!

On the way to buy their toys, the family stops at a railroad crossing where a train carrying a variety of animals crosses the tracks. The train is loaded with farm animals like cows, sheep, and pigs. Baby John's older brother and sister point out the variety of animals on board, even making pig noises much to baby John's delight. The family then crosses a bridge as the children point out the variety of sizes of boats that pass under them through the waterway. Baby John loves seeing the boats as they sail across the water and the cute ducks that fly away as they pass.

The anticipation begins to build as the entire family nears the toy store. The children spot colorful kites flying in the air, a yummy looking ice cream shop and a fun costume shop as they "look left and look right" on the drive to the store. Once at the toy store Baby John is immediately drawn to a toy train, similar to the one they spotted on their drive, while his older brother opted for his very own kite. Baby John's older sister got her own paint set so she can make her own beautiful paintings for the entire family.

While this video is perfect for your little one who loves music and colorful images, it's also a great learning tool for older children as it highlights the words at the bottom of the screen as the characters sing them. This can help kids recognize certain words, especially those that repeat and can possibly aid in early reading comprehension.

Baby Goes to The Toy Store is a sweet, fun and catchy song that you can watch with your child to help them recognize different animals, sounds and colors, or let them watch alone and be entertained. Either way, your child will love this reimagined nursery rhyme.

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