Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Baby Gets A Boo Boo

Fans of the Little Angel YouTube channel love to watch its star Baby John, as he laughs and sings along on trips to the amusement park and toy store. The videos are colorful and educational and always set to a familiar tune that children of all ages love. In the most recent video, Baby John is having a bit too much fun in his backyard with his big brother Jack and big Sister Jill when he takes a bit of a tumble off his scooter.

Like many kids, Baby John couldn't contain his excitement when he and his siblings ran outside to play. The youngster spotted a fun looking purple scooter in the yard and decided to hop on, but before he knew it he took a tumble and ended up on the grass, causing a few tears. Baby John's dad heard his son crying and was quick to run over to see what the trouble was, spotting a booboo on Baby John's leg.

Set to a familiar children's song, Baby John's father brings him inside and assures him he's going to make the booboo feel all better. After placing him on the table to get a better look, Baby John's father cleans the booboo before applying some healing cream and then covering up the booboo with a red car bandage that even brought a smile to Baby John's face. A few hugs and kisses from the rest of the family and Baby John was ready to head back to play with his brother and sister.

Baby John's mother tells him she needs to check his booboo every day to make sure it's healing properly, especially before he heads outside to play again. After cleaning the booboo and giving it a new bandage Baby John is ready to play again. Baby John's mom and dad alternate checking the booboo and kissing it to help speed up the healing process until it's all better for good.

Not only is this video fun to watch, but children will be able to quickly pick up the booboo song and sing along the next time they get a booboo themselves. Your little one will want to be just like Baby John next time they get a booboo, letting you check it daily to make sure it's clean and healing.

If Baby John can laugh and sing and play with a booboo, so can your little one!

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