Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Baby Dino Dino Party

Everyone loves a birthday party, but there's nothing quite as fun and entertaining as a dinosaur dress up party! Getting to dress up as your favorite dinosaur is super fun, which is exactly why Baby John's big brother Jack chose that very theme for his own party. Baby John, Jack, Jill, and their mom and dad all got into the spirit of things as they hosted their very own dino dino party!

It's Jack's party and he wanted everyone to dress up like dinosaurs for a very special dinosaur party, so Jack, Jill, and Baby John all got out their dinosaur costumes and put on their dino heads, tails, and feet and were sure to practice their roars! Baby John helped his mom frost Jack's dinosaur cake, complete with eyes, pointy teeth and even scales along the back! A toy baby dinosaur finished the cake which was all ready for the party guests.

The entire family head outside to help decorate, creating their very own dino park with dino posters and dino balloons. Baby John's father even has a dino egg pinata that he hangs up high so all the party goers can watch the treats as they fall to the ground! Not to be left out, Baby John's mom even has a dino costume for Bingo, the family dog. Bingo only needs a mask because he already has his own tail!

Baby John, Jack, and Jill are all busy practicing their roars when their mom and dad appear in their own dinosaur costumes! After the family stomp and roar around the backyard, the doorbell rings and the kids run to greet their guests! Jack's friends are all dressed as dinosaurs and are excited to join the party.

Kids love dressing up almost as they love a party, so why not combine the two? Your child will love to watch as Baby John and his family dress up as their favorite dinosaurs and practice walking and roaring the same way dinosaurs did.

The familiar tune will be one that everyone can hum and sing along too. Before you know it your own little one will be asking to host their very own dino party!

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