Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: Baby Caught A Fish

If your little ones love watching bright, colorful videos set to catchy songs, they'll love watching Little Angels: Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs. Baby John, his brother Jack and sister Jill along with their parents are always having fun as they sing and dance and play together. In their recent video, Baby Caught a Fish, the entire family heads out to their local lake to have some fun in the sun and do a little fishing at the same time.

Once Baby John has his lifejacket on he eagerly joins his brother and sister on the dock to watch the fish swim around in the water, quickly spotting a red fish that popped out to say 'hi'. Their dad grabs his fishing rod to do some fishing, but so far he's only caught a boot! Baby John, Jack, and Jill quickly learn that spending the day at the lake is a lot of fun! Not only do they get to watch the fish swim in the water, but they also get to enjoy a tasty picnic as they relax and just enjoy spending time together.

While Baby John's dad is still trying to catch a fish, Baby John, Jack, and Jill decide to have some fun in the water. Their mom brought an inflatable mat to play on and they each take turns going down the slide and jumping in the water. Baby John's mom is quick to point out that although everyone is having fun, they also need to be safe. The kids all need to stay together while playing in the water, and Baby John needs to be wearing his lifejacket at all time.

Baby John's dad is still trying to catch a fish, so his mom urges him to come and relax and play with the rest of the family. Unfortunately, the dad's fishing hook puts a big hole in the inflatable mat, making all the kids sad that their fun is over. Thankfully their father also has a patch kit and is able to fix the hole, and the kids are once again excited to enjoy their day in the lake. Before you know it, the entire family is enjoying the water together and even one of the fish swims by to join in.

This video is fun for children of all ages. The tune is familiar and catchy and the video teaches children about water safety and helps them recognize colors and numbers when watching.

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