Little Angel Nursery Rhymes: 5 Little Baby Ducks At The Waterpark

Children of all ages and even adults love a trip to the waterpark. There's no better way to beat the summer heat than spending a day splashing in the water and zooming down all the different slides with your friends at the waterpark. Baby John and four of his friends take a trip with Mommy and Daddy to their local waterpark in this recent video, and the 'five little ducks' have the best day singing, splashing and playing in the pools!

It's sunny when they arrive, so Mommy makes sure to put duck hats on all five children before singing the '5 little ducks' song to them. The children are all having a great time, splashing in the pool and going down the slide, but before too long Baby John swims away, leaving only four little ducks in the pool! Mommy quickly spots Baby John with Daddy as they get ready to run through the sprinklers at the water park.

Mommy started singing again and swimming with the four other children, but before she knew it another child had swum away! Of course, that little duck had gone to play with Daddy, who now had two children playing with him at the water cannons, taking turns as they sprayed each other.

Mommy begins to sing her 'five little ducks' song with the remaining three children, but it isn't long before another child joins Daddy and the other kids to play at the splash pad. Now Mommy only has two little ducks as she continues singing her catchy song, and before she knows it there's only one child left swimming in the pool with her! Daddy now has four children playing on the pirate ship altogether, splashing and using their imagination and being thoroughly entertained as Daddy keeps getting splashed in the face!

Mommy only has one little duck to sing about now, until she realizes that all the ducks are gone! It's ok though because they're all with Daddy playing on the play structure at the waterpark! The five little ducks all gather together and take turns going down the waterslide before taking a break with yummy milkshakes. The day at the waterpark was a lot of fun for Baby John and his friends, and your little one will love to sing along with the 'five little ducks' song.

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